Friday, October 21, 2005

Afshars of Kerman, Sirjan and Jiroft

Afshar of Kerman

This tribe is living around Kerman to the coast of Persian Gulf as decamping people, nevertheless their scattering, they have reserved their personal and cultural values. Afshars of Kerman weave knotted carpets in plenitude. Still they weave good gelims, which have a variety more then any other tribes in Iran. Afshar’s gelim has various designs and motives; some of them are similar to Indian hand – weave.
Ground and margin designs: Many various designs, white floral motives, small and scattered
Size and Feature: Mostly small and rectangular
Materials: Yarn coarse warps, woolen coarse wefts
Texture: Slit, dovetailing double-interlock, weft wrapping
Colors: Dark red, blue, yellow, white, scarcely green.
Fringes: Various types.
Selvages: Reinforced by supplementary ropes, with spiral designs.
(Also have hand-bag weaving and ornamental objects).

Afshar of Sirjan

In this gelim, technique of dovetailing, double-interlock are applied; fine selvages and supplementary ropes with spiral designs, blue and golden colors are some of its specification.
A lot of “Rukorssi” “Sofreh” (table cloth) and bags are woven in this land.
Ground and Margin Designs: Various with white little ornamental flowers
Size and Feature: Small and large, rectangular
Materials: Cotton warps, woolen wefts.
Texture: Dovetailing, double-interlocks
Colors: Dark red, blue, green, cotton white
Fringes: Long and hairy woven, joined together by colorful wool

Afshar of Jiroft

Combination of gelim, in this region is quite similar to Bakhtiari hand-woven and to Shushtar gelims of Khuzistan. External Borders of these gelims are decorated with Laleh-Abbasi motives, which are more brocaded than crenate types of Southern Iran.
Ground design: Connected medallions
Margins: Interior panels are crenate and exterior panels have geometric complicated images
Size and feature: Small and Large rectangular
Materials: Yarn warps, thick coarse woolen wefts
Texture: Dovetailing double-interlocks
Colors: Dark red, yellow, blue, ivory white
Fringes: Various
Selvages: Reinforced by supplementary ropes with spiral designs

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